Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The month of October in brief

OK so I havent been too diligent with this journal and that's because I am not familiar with this "blogging" mania ;). I will have to get my act together and add it to my daily schedule of activities.

Anyway it has been a busy few weeks, sick kids, sick dog, dentists and all the usual mundane household activities. Of course, this is the time of year for bugs to prevail so nothing of any great dramatic value that isnt happening in most households across the country. Our lovely cold, wet, miserable weather doesn't really help.

I have added some books to my study materials (courtesy of the LBS Bookstore's special offers this last few weeks). A three volume set of Book of Mormon Doctrinal Insights by Douglas Bassett has proved to be extremely helpful and have greatly enhanced my study of the BoM. I am eagerly awaiting the triple DVD set of the Work and the Glory by Gerald Lund having been captivated by the short description of their content.

Family History has also become another passion of mine (my kids call it an obsession). I am finding the research and the results thereof, fascinating. Finding relatives from a different passage in time and snippets of their lives is compelling stuff and I am determined to extend my knowledge of their lives as much as possible - the only disadvantage is the ensuing headaches trying to discern who really belongs and who is a red herring or a wrong path taken. While the website is wonderful, I also like to keep a written record (it's an age thing!!!) and trying to figure out how to file these in a way that is easy to follow is proving another migraine-inducing activity. Anyone with any tips please feel free to post, if you know how.

I really need to try to get some "style" into this blog. I dont have a clue how to set up a layout, add links or anything else but no doubt I will learn in time and things will improve here.

Ward Activities .... now we have had a few of those in the Glasgow Ward. The Young Women did a marvellous activity called "Around the World in 80 Minutes" where the girls dressed as Airline Stewards and several rooms in the Stake building were set up as different countries with members of the Ward who were born in those different countries gave talks and displays of pictures, products and even prepared food from those countries. It was an excellent night and a really good idea for a Ward/Stake Activity.

One of the sisters in the Ward was leaving to go back to Nepal where her future husband lives. She met him while doing her voluntary work with the children in Nepal in two of the Orphanages over there. Another great night with facepainting, bring and buy sale, bake sale, soap making and a buffet and she had requested that instead of bringing "gifts" for her that everyone made donations for the things they wanted to buy and the money was split between the two Orphanages and Cystic Fibrosis.

This Friday we will be having a Halloween Party and we are all looking forward to having a ball.

Well the kids will be in from school shortly so I better go baton down the hatches and prepare for the cyclone approaching!!! ;) Hopefully, I will get back tomorrow and try to get a bit better organised.