Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The First Post

Well, my friend Debs talked me into opening this blog so she could do her nosey.

I suppose I should give a brief resume of life so far. I am a divorced, single parent of three teenage children. My oldest, who is almost 19, left school last Summer and signed up for the RAF and is due to complete his basic training and Pass Out on 10th July 2009 (that's if he doesnt acquire any more injuries).

My daughter, Jen, is 15 and in the middle of her exams (SQAs, I believe they are called now). She has two more to do, Modern Studies on Monday and Biology on 28th. She wants to be a vet so she has a hard slog ahead of her.

My youngest, Tom, will be 14 next month and he is autistic (Aspergers Syndrome). He attends the same school as his sister (and brother before that) and is very clever (academically), just a little short on social skills, prone to meltdowns and very set in his ways. He just doesnt understand about manners and other people's feelings. He also takes things literally and is prone to misunderstanding things said to him and having difficulty putting the right words together to get across what he is trying to say. No doubt I will have plenty more to say about him as this blogspot fills up.

I gave up my job as a medical secretary about a year after my divorce when adequate childcare for Tom was not available to cover school holidays and sickness and seven years on this situation still exists. Tom has no sense of the possible consequences of things he says and does and therefore cannot be left on his own or even with his sister as when he loses his temper there is no way Jennifer could cope with him.

Well I think that is enough of an intro for now. Debs I will need to e-mail for instructions on how to tag your blogspot. LOL!

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